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Architectural visualization - view from Konstitucijos avenue

00_tūrių schema.jpg

Concept development diagrams

Lviv Street axis divides building into two parts.

The southern volume is designed closer to Lviv Street to visually subdivide the large volume of the building while the lower volume is pushed in, thus highlighting the intersection of Lviv and Lech Kaczynski streets, where the main entrance is formed and clearly visible from various points on Konstitucijos Avenue. This is how the volumes on the third floor form terraces.

When forming a clear boundary of high-rise buildings on the urban hill, both volumes at Kalvarijų Street are rounded. This rounding also visually reduces the large volumes of designed building.

By integrating the Urban Hill and reflecting the slopes of the roofs of Kalvarijos Street, the corners of the main volumes are raised. The elevation of the southern volume responds to the volume of the municipal building and the northern volume to The Sail Complex, which together forms a plastic transition between two objects of different heights.


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Urban idea and transportation diagrams

The newly designed administrative building will become the main face of the Urban Hill on the right bank of the Neris River from the side of the intersection of Konstitucijos and Kalvarijų streets. This is the last high-rise building in this part, which will enclose the complex from the eastern side and will become connector of urban hill and area of low rise buildings.


The main entrance is designed on the corner of the intersection of Lviv and Lech Kaczynski streets, which is most visible from Konstitucijos Avenue.


Architectural visualization - view from Konstitucijos avenue at night

_02 sklypo planas.jpg

Site plan

Plans of -03/-02, -01, 01, 02, 3-13, 14, 15-18 levels


The main transport entrance is designed from the southern part of Lviv Street and exit – from the western. One-way ring movement is foreseen in the parking lot. There are 5 parking floors in total - 2 overground (60 parking spaces) and 3 underground (182 parking spaces) connected by one-sided ramps. There are parking spaces for service vehicles in the eastern and western parts of the site with access to the building's parking lot.

The lobby is designed spacious, two-story with elevator block. There is a cafe/restaurant on the west side of the building, with access from outside. The cafe is partly designed over two floors, covering the overground parking lot off Lviv Street and leaving the possibility to transform these spaces into commercial use in the future.

On the second floor there is a flexible recreation area; a cafe area and overground parking.

 From the third to the thirteenth floor, office space is designed in both volumes, from fourteenth to 18th in one volume.

Common areas in „dark“ zones: toilets, meeting rooms, wardrobes, kitchens. Work spaces are divided into separate areas - collaborative work and study rooms, conversation rooms, resting places.

The plan structure allows you to customize the layout of your premises for 1 or 2 companies.

On the third floor, a  terrace with vegetation is designed for workers to relax.

There are technical rooms in the upper volumes of the building, which are covered with perforated panels to keep the fifth facade clean.

sections / facades

Section and elevations


The building is covered in facade system with 0.6 meter vertical metal inserts passing through the entire facade. There is also facade system with a 1.8 meter horizontal inserts. Vertical bars emphasize the verticallity of the building and express its shape. The pace of the windows is 1.5 meter with bold vertical profile, which makes it easy to plan inner walls.


The facade system also provides vertical white panels that reduces the overheating of the facade and emphasizes the verticality of the building. A perforated panels is used to ensure minimal visual noise. There are also automatic blinds installed around the perimeter of the building.


Interior visualizations - inner spaces of lobby and restaurant

Photos of current situation with new designed office building

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